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Bangkok: Head coach Heinz-Jurgen Gede was not only happy that Viettel FC won their first-ever AFC Champions League victory, but that his side were able to show off their attacking qualities after beating Kaya FC-Iloilo Tuesday.

Two goals in the game’s opening seven minutes and three more in the second half saw Viettel beat Kaya 5-0, as the Vietnamese champions rose to second in Group F, three points behind Ulsan. Hyundai FC who beat BG Pathum United 2.-0 in the previous match of the day.

The German coach revealed that ahead of their game against Kaya, his team saw how great Ulsan Hyundai was and that they were eager to do everything against the Philippine team to get the three points.

“This competition is very important for our team, and we need these games,” said Gede. “After the first game we got a lot of information on how we could improve. Today we were really focused on winning, it was our shot. “

AFC Champions League 2021: Kaya FC-Iloilo 0-5 Viettel FC

“We saw the Ulsan game earlier in the afternoon and it was motivation for the team. We want to win, and we like to win, so we did everything for this match, which puts the team in a good mood.

“As you can see today, we have changed a lot and replaced young players. So we have a good balance and that is the right thing to do for our future.”

Having gone for a defensive approach in their first game against Ulsan Hyundai, Viettel were a different side against Kaya FC, with Gede saying they were waiting for the chance to shine.

“We have to be flexible. When we talk to players, they like to attack, but you have to learn to wait for that moment. Today we played well, scoring five goals, so how can I be mad?

“The next game will be difficult and that’s why we need a rest. We will be checking the players and hopefully Caique will be ready for the next game as well. The important thing is that there were no injuries, we won and the players showed how they can play.

Kaya FC head coach Graham Harvey admitted his side had played poorly and conceding two early goals had hampered his ability to execute on his original plans.

“It’s a steep learning curve for us,” Harvey said. “When we qualified for the group stage, we said it was an opportunity for the club to have those experiences and learn from them.

“We were just mediocre from the start, and we can’t give teams like that a two-zero start. Even to start the second half (by conceding) on ​​a free kick so quickly. We have to make sure to go back and reflect and improve from that.

“We discussed all the potential scenarios during our group stage. We came here to try to entertain but also to learn. We feel like sitting down and not trying to play our style will not be learning. We have tried as best we can to impose our style in the game, but we are up against the best clubs in Asia.

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