FormFree knew digital credit risk data would spread


Over time, FormFree has implemented integrations between loan origination system outlets and credit reseller platforms. The company has also developed custom platforms covering over 150 different integrations. That means a new lender customer doesn’t have to do much to integrate FormFree’s technology into their systems, Francis said.

“When we engage with a lender, we assess, review the systems they currently have in place, understand if we have an existing integration for that, and then our onboarding team works to provide that new customer with the integration” , Francois explained.

He added that the steps are “very, very simple,” focusing on setting up the customer in their system and then setting up an onboarding connection, as many would be using existing templates.

“Most integrations are set up where [clients] can very easily add their … lender credentials for the FormFree system in the onboarding and then [it] will work as implemented,” Francis said.

In this scenario, the software can be up and running within hours. If a new customer is looking for or needs a new onboarding process, the timeline can change significantly.

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