Former Senator Sampson Jackson looks to the future


KEMPER COUNTY, Mississippi (WTOK) – A veteran state lawmaker who has compiled 48.5 years in total with the state of Mississippi and nearly 30 years in the state Senate spoke with Newscenter 11 about the decision which he took a week ago, to resign mid-term.

“I felt it was time for me to go,” Jackson said in a July 8 interview.

Jackson, a longtime Democrat, was elected to the Senate in 1991 and was elected to six more terms representing District 32, which includes Kemper, Lauderdale, Noxubee and Winston counties.

“I went to the pension committee to talk to a woman there. I asked him to retrieve my information. She asked me why I was still working after looking at my information. She said I could make the same amount of money with the home office when I retired. She said I was 48.5 years old in the (Mississippi State) retirement system. I didn’t know I had that much time, ”Jackson said.

Jackson said he believes he has accomplished a lot in his political career.

“A fund of $ 700,000 will continue to operate the pipeline to Scooba, Mississippi. The college will be able to use it. They will save $ 55,000 per year by using natural gas instead of other sources, ”Jackson said.

Jackson also created a half-million dollar paving fund for a town in Noxubee County. He also helped bring a regional jail to Kemper County. He said he was also proud of two events that impacted the Mississippi.

“I never thought we would change the flag. Hard work has gone into it. I also never thought we would have a lottery in Mississippi. Most states have adopted the lottery. In Mississippi, people were going to different states spending that money. We decided to keep this money in the state, ”Jackson said.

Voters will elect a new District 32 senator in an upcoming special election, which has yet to be scheduled by the governor. Jackson has said his son, Keith Jackson, will run for the seat.

“If he is elected, I will guide him and show him the ropes of the Senate. I don’t care how much knowledge you know. The main thing to be successful in the Mississippi State Senate, you have to build relationships with your colleagues as well as with management, ”Jackson said.

Jackson said he looks forward to spending more time with his family at his Kemper County farm.

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