Former President Trump to rally in Des Moines on October 9; Seabord Triumph increases wages


Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally at the Iowa Fairgrounds on October 9, a source close to his plans confirmed to the Des Moines Register. In an August radio interview, Trump said that he was planning to return to Iowa for a rally, but he did not announce further details at the time.

The former president’s return to the nation’s first state caucus is likely to fuel speculation as to whether he will seek the White House again in 2024. Trump has left the door open for another campaign.

His potential Republican rivals aren’t waiting for Trump to announce his intentions. Many possible presidential candidates have already started visiting Iowa organize fundraisers for local candidates and attend party dinners.

A Des Moines Register / Mediacom, Iowa Poll in June showed that the Iowans were equally divided on Trump, with 49% saying they had a favorable opinion of him and 49% saying they had an unfavorable opinion.

Local pork processor Seaboard Triumph Foods (STF) recently announced today that effective September 6, production wages will increase. There is now a 27.8% increase in starting salaries compared to when the plant began operating in September 2017.

New hires will start at a base salary of $ 20 an hour, while current production workers will receive a salary increase ranging from $ 20 to $ 22.25. The increases come as labor shortages across the country hit Sioux City and began just a day after the plant celebrated its 4th year of operation.

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