Former Hastings Police Captain is running for Adams County Sheriff

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – A second candidate has joined the race to become Adams County Sheriff. Former Hastings Police Department captain Brian Hessler has filed his candidacy against current Sheriff John Rust.

Hessler said he began his law enforcement career in his western Nebraska hometown in 1999. In 2005, he and his family moved to Hastings and he began his work at HPD. He noted that he held several different positions in the police force from 1999 to 2019. Hessler said he worked in patrol, investigation, as an undercover police officer, shift sergeant, administrative sergeant and finally captain.

He left law enforcement in 2019 to start his own real estate restoration business. Hessler is also currently Director of Campus Safety and Security at Hastings College. He said that during his time away from law enforcement, he realized it was a career he wanted to return to.

If elected sheriff, Hessler said his first goal would be to improve communication between the sheriff’s office and county residents.

“One of the first things I want to try to accomplish is just get our messages out there and keep people updated on what’s going on, you know, the new prison is an example of that,” he said. . “It’s a big project, it’s a big business, it’s a big thing for Adams County and I don’t know if people, in general, know much about it.”

Incumbent Sheriff Rust ran unchallenged before being elected to his first term. He welcomed the idea of ​​having a challenger this time around.

“I’m glad there are people interested and, you know, the job is viable work that people are interested in and want to do,” Rust said.

Rust reviewed the accomplishments he helped achieve during his four years as sheriff. He said some of them were rearranging their shift assignments, adding their staff, upgrading their technology inside and outside their office and more.

Rust said after his re-election he has a number of plans, one being to hire more MPs.

While Hessler and Rust both have their own goals for what they would like to accomplish in the sheriff’s office, they both entered the race as Republicans, which means they will face each other in the election. May 10 primaries.

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