Five Reasons We Procrastinate and How to Overcome Them

New Delhi [India]May 24 (ANI): Procrastination, one of the biggest obstacles to productivity, is a gradual process that eventually finds its way into a creative person’s head, eventually floating through the transition from a “pleasure guilty” to something “problematic”.

Unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions often impairs the ability to successfully pursue goals, as evidenced by the fact that procrastination has often been associated with lower grades in high school or a disappointing salary at work, for example . In addition to this, procrastination is also associated with a variety of other issues, including increased stress and decreased physical and mental health.

According to a thread from UpSkillYourLife on Twitter, here are some reasons why we procrastinate and ways to overcome them by understanding the psychology behind them.

The fear of the perfectionist

Procrastination stems from a person’s subconscious fear of failure. The urge to postpone a task long enough to avoid facing potentially negative outcomes also serves as a strong motive for a person to delay and avoid tasks. Another major contributor to procrastination is the mindset of doing things “pretty much the right way” rather than working towards improvement.

How to approach:

Try to visualize the completion of a task in a positive way.

Understand that perfection is a myth.

Do your best and understand the need for it.

A dreamer’s lack of action

We often plan and schedule things based on our creative responsibilities. But what stands in the way of creative curation is the inability to put brilliant creative ideas into action. This happens when there is no concrete goal in place after the idea is implemented. Moreover, an aimless approach also manifests a lack of decision-making and delays.

How to approach:

Once we have an idea, the best practice is to write down a timeline of “what” we want to achieve and by “when”.

Apply it and practice it regularly to stay on track and accountable.

An overwhelmed avoider

We often come across tasks that are considered overwhelming. In such scenarios, we often find it easy to procrastinate. Psychologically, the complexity of a task causes the brain to lose motivation and avoid it altogether.

How to approach:

Break the difficult task into smaller tasks and tackle each one individually.

A busy bee that lacks priorities

When there are too many tasks to do, it is very common for people to fail to recognize the different importance of each task. In most cases, too much time is wasted jumping from task to task or deciding what to do. Also, multitasking can sometimes mix things up.

How to approach:

Prioritize your work and choose important tasks over urgent ones.

Question and understand the value and purpose of each task, then list them in order of importance.

prone to distraction

Distraction is also a prominent cause of procrastination because our brain is not wired effectively to focus on something for a long period of time. Fleeing from a task, our mind is always looking for something or other to do.

How to approach:

Be aware of your workspace and potential distractions.

Work for a period of 20 to 30 minutes at a time, then take a 5 minute break. (ANI)

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