Everything you need to know about the Triumph Bonneville Gold Line 2022 editions


The Triumph Bonneville is a standard motorcycle that spawned three generations and three different production series. The first two generations of the famous motorcycle were made by the now defunct Triumph Engineering brand, with its third generation being designed by Triumph Motorcycles in Hinckley, Leicestershire from 2001. The revamped Bonneville series features a whole new exterior design but also features a certain resemblance to the original Bonneville from years past.

The Bonneville line of motorcycles have been around since 2001 and only get better with each new iteration. The attractive two-wheelers deliver an overall package that is a perfect blend of old-school nostalgia and modern engineering ingenuity, making them one of the most desirable retro-styled machines in their segment. The immense success of the Bonneville two-wheeler series has forced Triumph to create unique “Gold Edition” versions of their motorcycles which, in turn, adds a hint of exclusivity to their diverse product portfolio.

The Bonneville series of motorcycles were special enough, to begin with, and the introduction of their unique “Gold Line” editions makes things even more exciting. Triumph‘s eternal quest to add an element of individuality to its vast lineage of motorcycles helps them set themselves apart from the competition, making them highly desirable among cycling enthusiasts the world over.

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Bonneville T100 Gold Line Edition

A Bonneville T100 Gold Line Edition on the street

Via IndiaToday.in

The exterior design of the T100 becomes a bit more special. The Gold Line Edition of the T100 gets a Silver Ice and Competition Green color finish on its fuel tank, side panels and front and rear fenders complement each other perfectly.

In addition, the side panels of the T100 Gold Line Edition feature a beautiful wide green stripe with a white and gold “T100” badge, as well as a Silver Ice finish mosquito net as an optional accessory that further accentuates its old look. school but uber- elegant presence.

Mechanically, the Gold Line Edition of the T100 remains identical to its standard counterpart, with a 900cc parallel twin engine capable of developing 64.1 hp and 59 lb-ft of torque.

Priced at $ 11,450, the T100 Gold line edition commands a marginal premium over its regular version, but is undeniably a well-packaged and rather special value proposition in its segment.

Bonneville Speedmaster Gold Line Edition

A Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Gold Line Edition 2022

Via RiderMagazine.com

The wide aesthetic appeal of the Bonneville Speedmaster gets even stronger, as its Gold Line edition adds a touch of panache to its overall presence. The extremely attractive machine fuel tank receives a Silver Ice finish paired with twin Sapphire Black bands in the center as well as a ‘Gold Line’ logo next to them.

The sapphire black color scheme also makes its presence felt on the headlights, fenders and even its side panels which feature the special ‘Bonneville Speedmaster’ logo in a hand-painted gold liner. The option of a short fender as an accessory adds an element of personalization to the sleek two-wheeler, and overall the Gold Line Edition of the Speedmaster emanates elegance.

The Gold Line Speedmaster Edition will also be powered by the same 1.2-liter powermill that does duty in its regular iteration and is capable of developing a gargantuan power of 76.9 hp and 78 lb-ft of torque. Priced at $ 14,200, the Gold Line Speedmaster Edition is a bit more expensive than its regular version, but it successfully justifies its premium price with authority.

Scrambler 1200 XE Gold Line Edition

A Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE Gold Line Edition 2022

Via RiderMagazine.com

The broad aesthetic appeal and sheer exclusivity of the Gold Line Scrambler 1200 XE Edition are unparalleled. The motorcycle’s sleek fuel tank features a Baja Orange and Silver Ice color scheme which is complemented by a chic crimson white stripe for extra pizzazz, while the hand-painted gold lining and Gold Line logo help set it apart. the special edition Scrambler 1200 XE of its regular version.

The seductive two-wheeler’s side panel and headlight cup feature a jet black finish that gives it a menacing look, while its production limited to just 22 units only adds to the element of exclusivity. Priced at $ 16,500, the Gold Line Scrambler 1200 XE Edition is a fine example of individuality at its best.

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Bonneville Bobber Gold Line Edition

A Triumph Bonneville Bobber Gold Line Edition 2022

Via FirstPost.com

The regular Bonneville Bobber was already a feast for the eyes, and its Gold Line Edition gives its attractive exterior design a dash of flamboyance.

The special edition machine features a Carnival Red color scheme on its fuel tank, complemented by the addition of gold Triumph tank logos, a Gold Line logo as well as Sapphire black double stripes for a more distinctive presence.

The side panels of the Bobber Special Edition also feature a sapphire black finish, while the model-specific gold and silver Bonneville Bobber logo and hand-painted gold lining further accentuate its elegant presence. The $ 14,200 Bobber Gold Line Edition screams high end and adds an element of desirability to its overall package.

Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition

The front view of a Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition

Via FirstPost.com

The Bonneville T120’s retro design theme comes with a touch of finesse, as its Gold Line Edition further refines its highly appealing design language. The sleek machine fuel tank wraps in a Silver Ice finish with Competition Green fill that is edged with a hand painted gold liner as well as a Gold Line logo.

The fenders and side panels of the distinguished two-wheeler also feature a Silver Ice finish accompanied by Competition Green paint stripes, while the all-new model-specific white and gold Bonneville T120 logo gives the bike a fresh and welcoming stance. Overall, the $ 13,100 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition is undeniably a finely crafted masterpiece.

Triumph’s Bonneville range of motorcycles was immensely desirable, to begin with, and their Gold Line Special Editions take their style quotient to stratospheric levels. Triumph has managed to set itself apart from the competition by adding a touch of exclusivity to its line of motorcycles, which showcases the brand’s passion for developing its two-wheeled engineering masterpieces. The style, individuality and sheer exclusivity of the Gold Line Edition of Triumph two-wheelers is truly fascinating, with the brand’s global reach and connection with consumers expected to skyrocket in the near future.

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