Even the villains of My Hero Academia don’t suffer like the heroes of Undead Unlock


Tomura Shigaraki has the most devastating story of any villain in My Hero Academia, but the heroes of Undead Unlock have it even worse.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Undead Unlock Chapter 77!

Part of My hero universityThe immense popularity of ‘is how each villain’s heartbreaking story humanizes them and presents the possibility that they might not be entirely bad, but that pattern is reversed. Unlocking Undead. This underrated manga features a cast of heroes who share even more tragic pasts, to the point where fans wonder how they didn’t become villains.

Undoubtedly the most famous of My hero universityThe origin stories of the villains belong to Tomura Shigaraki, who was mentally and physically abused by his father whenever he showed an inclination to take an interest in heroes. His trauma was so extreme that when awakening from his Decay quirk accidentally killed his family, what started as fear and horror quickly developed into a state of almost contentment in Shigaraki’s tormented mind. However, he eventually blocked the traumatic experience from his memory, causing him to become violently ill when he later remembered what had happened. Shigaraki’s dark past made him a topic of sympathy among fans, and yet Unlocking Undeadthe heroes have it even worse.

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So far, the origin story of each Unlocking Undead Hero with Powers – called Negators – was utterly tragic, many of them sharing the disturbing characteristics of Shigaraki’s own troubling experiences. In chapter 30, Chikara Shigeno recounts the day he crossed a busy street in front of his parents. When he turns to look at them, his Unmove ability (which freezes anything in his line of sight) wakes up just as his parents start crossing the street. Of course, a truck arrives on the road just then.

The Living Dead Unlock Chikara Shigeno

In Chapter 77, readers learn that Top Bull Sparx grew up in poverty in a neighborhood where winning a sports scholarship was the only hope for him and his friends to escape. The day before a race which will either be that of Top or that of one of his friends, Top decides that he will voluntarily lose, because he does not want to win at the expense of the happiness of his friends. Unfortunately, when he begins to slow down in the middle of the intended run, his unstoppable ability kicks in, causing him to run at insane speeds, maiming one of his friends and killing the other two. In addition to Shen, whose ability to both knock his sister off a cliff and force his master to orchestrate the accident, there is Undead Bad LuckAndy is undead and Fuuko Izumo, whose origins are even darker.

In My hero university, Shigaraki’s comrades each have a tragic story, but do not come close to his, whereas in Undead Bad Luck, each hero’s devastating past essentially matches or surpasses Shigaraki’s story in grim tragedy. While heartbreaking, it’s understandable that Shigaraki and his associates have turned into villains, leaving open the question of whether they can be saved. On the other hand, Undead Bad Luck asks how his heroes managed to avoid submitting to the darkness imposed on them.

Their suffering is due to Undead Bad Luck‘s god, a sick sadist who finds pleasure in tormenting his creations, choosing to awaken their powers at times that will cause them the most pain. It accomplishes more than just adding a deterministic factor to their plight – in fact, most of them have joined the Negator organization known as the Union because they are working to kill this god. Although portrayed as the good guys, the Union looks more heroic in comparison, as the only other Denier group is Under, made up of members who simply want to abuse their powers to achieve their own goals. Unlocking Undead asks dark questions about personal morality, giving readers a very different experience of My hero university, though both series go to depth by examining the intersection of utter tragedy and unexpected power.

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