Duncan Robinson overcomes the “Tyler Herro effect”

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson (55) attempts a three-point shot against the Brooklyn Nets
(Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

The Miami Heat are heading into the 2022 All-Star break as the number one seed in the NBA Eastern Conference. A breath of fresh air, for multiple reasons they are finally getting a break after a long and difficult season, but they are doing it with all the good juju waiting for them.

One of their guys, Duncan Robinson, has had his ups and downs this year. Well, by some accounts, it did.

When you use the word “some” there are a few factors in place. Although Duncan still shoots above average and among the best for players who do as he doesthere are still those who live to criticize and criticize the Miami Heat sniper.

While no one is exempt from criticism, there needs to be context added to the whole situation. here is beef of all that.

Duncan Robinson isn’t shooting like he did last year, but there are reasons for that.

However and even among that, he is still very good and very valuable for this team.

Speaking of the notion of being the “same” ranged shooter, that’s the very hinge on which this argument hangs. This is a phenomenon that has often been very prevalent with Tyler Herro.

Talking about Tyler Herro’s year last season and even at times this season but especially last season people heavily criticized his game. second-year guard last year.

Here’s the thing though. Compared to the typical trajectory of a sophomore guy and other players drafted with or among him, he was still on the upper end of production, increasing his numbers in most categories in his freshman year.

the publish for Herro last season and even in different places this season is that he is only compared to himself. This season he’s been a pine terror for the Miami Heat, a terrorizing type player similar to the one he was in the NBA bubble.

However, there are times when he still struggles a bit, as he did quite a bit last season. This year, when he’s not playing well, it’s only compared to the majority of times he has.

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