Do analysts agree Wednesday on the target price of the Triumph Group Inc (TGI) share?


Investors Observer gives Triumph Group Inc (TGI) an analyst rating ranking of 20, which means TGI is ranked higher by analysts than 20% of stocks. The average price target for TGI is $ 21.571 and the analyst rates the stock as a buy.

Wall Street analysts are pricing TGI to buy today. Find out what this means to you and get the rest of the leaderboard on TGI!

Why are analyst ratings important?

While analyst projections are not your only resource in determining your position in a stock, they can be a very useful tool. Analysts follow sectors / industries in depth and tend to know how local and global conditions tend to affect demand and prices. Many analysts even participate in conference calls where they can get information to better understand the numbers.

Investors Observer averages the ratings provided by analysts, then ranks their score as a percentage relative to the market. This allows you to compare stocks more fully than with the typical buy / sell / hold ranking.

What’s going on with Triumph Group Inc stock today?

Triumph Group Inc (TGI) stock is trading at $ 19.37 at 10:46 a.m. on Wednesday, September 29, up $ 0.63, or 3.36% from the previous closing price of 18.74 $. The stock has traded between $ 18.80 and $ 19.39 so far today. The volume today is light. So far, 123,883 shares have been traded for an average volume of 600,930 shares. Click here for the full report on Triumph Group Inc.

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