Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies

After taking 25 new oaths, DJ passed his milestone by becoming an honorary member of 100 law enforcement agencies. But it does not stop there.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — Mission accomplished for Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel.

The 10-year-old is battling terminal brain and spine cancer and he hit a monumental milestone on Monday.

DJ told his father, Theodis Daniel, that he wanted to be sworn in by 100 law enforcement agencies. With 25 new oaths on Monday, he surpassed his goal.

He is now a police officer, deputy sheriff’s office, police officer, SWAT member, fire marshal, Texas game warden, TABC officer and he is even the chief of police of the HISD.

“Does that mean I just took your job?” DJ asked HISD Police Chief Pedro Lopez Jr. during the swearing-in ceremony.

He knows he’s not quite their size.

“We’re almost the same size, but I’m only around your neck,” DJ told another officer.

What he lacks in size, DJ makes up for in heart.

“OK, I’m going to have to put my soldier face on you know,” the 10-year-old said.

Wearing his constable cap and chest beaming with badges, DJ takes stock of his new stash, just moments after accepting his new assignments.

“Splendora Police Department, Patton Village Police Department, Woodbranch Police Department,” Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough read as he read the list of participating departments.

Life at work was, at first, a bit of a shock.

“DJ 100 showing up for work,” Devarjaye said on the radio as he sat in a police cruiser.

“Montgomery County communications to all units, DJ 100 is connected and ready to work,” the dispatcher replied.

“Wait what!” DJ replied.

“Here we are. We’re at work buddy. Are you ready to leave?” the officer asked DJ.

” Yes sir ! But wait, where are all the women? DJ asked the officer.

By cracking jokes and eating cupcakes, DJ will fight crime and cancer together.

“Stay safe and stay relentless,” DJ said.

He has already stolen our hearts.

“I told him, I told him, you know it’s not going to end. This love and support, you have years of it,” Theodis Daniel said.

Well, he’s not even close to being finished. Theodis said there are now more than 400 out-of-state agencies they plan to visit in the coming weeks.

To quote DJ, his new goal is now “around 2,000”.

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