“Despite the authoritarian populism of the STF, democracy will triumph in 2022”, says Ana Paula Henkel

Minister Edson Fachin said Brazil is going through an era of authoritarian populism; commentators of the show Os Pingos Nos Is analyzed the speech

Content Mateus Bonomi/StateEdson Fachin spoke at the TSE alongside Barroso

The Minister Edson Fachinnext president of Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), said this Tuesday 15, that Brazil is going through a period of “authoritarian populism”, but that democracy will triumph in 2022. The magistrate said that the body is attentive and prepared for “threats of authoritarian populism” and “conspiracy theories”. which call into question the credibility of Electoral Justice. “The threats are credible. We are attentive now and, as before, we will always be attentive and prepared. We will face the vociferous threats of authoritarian populism, we will face the factual distortions and conspiracy theories which, in addition to extremism, attempt to achieve historical and traditional recognition of electoral justice,” he said. declared.

Ana Paula Henkel, program commentator The drops on the eastgiven Young Pan News, said the country is already experiencing authoritarianism due to Federal Supreme Court (STF) rulings. “Yes we put our eyes in the rearview mirror and see what this composition of the STF has done, the authoritarianism shown directly to the Brazilians a few years ago. Lewandowski, a family friend of Lula, tore up the Constitution when Dilma Rousseff was impeached. Toffoli, PT lawyer, Gilmar Mendes with dozens of calls to Aécio Neves,” he pointed out. “I I refer to Minister Fachin the same sentence he used. Despite the STF committing these atrocities against Brazil, despite the authoritarian populism of the STF, democracy will triumph in 2022,” he concluded.

Watch Os Pingos Nos Est this Tuesday 15:

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