Could downtown Knoxville benefit from new restaurants, bars?


“What do you want to do for dinner?” This question has led to countless petty arguments between family members and friends over the years.

Deciding on dinner can be even more difficult in a city like Knoxville, where restaurants of all prices and inspirations have their place at the table.

But downtown Knoxville, an eastern Tennessee food court and foodie haven, could still benefit from a few new concepts.

Ryan Wilusz and Calvin Mattheis discuss the missing restaurants and bars in downtown Knoxville in this week’s episode of “The Scruffy Stuff” podcast.

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Stories discussed on the show:

Town center shops closed:Which ones would you bring back?

Sassy Ann’s:Knoxville bar closed after more than two decades

Osteria Stella and Brother Wolf:A “love letter” meets a “social lubricant” in the old town

Fish and chips:The restaurant of the creator of Emilia will offer a dough “of a crispy crunchy”

Gay Street:If new projects are any indication, is the city center ready for a renaissance?

Food and bar scene:How ‘Portfolio Players’ Impact the ‘Little Guys’ of Downtown Knoxville

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Plates of roasted olives and pecans with garlic, mint and pomegranate molasses are prepared for Hi Baby's Israeli and Levantine pop-up dinner at A Dopo Pizza on June 1.  Laurence Faber and Emily Williams are behind the Hi Baby concept and eventually hope to open a permanent restaurant downtown.

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