Clifton LeJeune’s new book written to help others overcome obstacles

Clifton J. Lejeune, a motivational speaker and pastor at Jesus Worship Center United Pentecostal Church in Jennings, has written a book based on his own sermons to help others overcome obstacles that prevent them from pursuing their own goals in life.

“Lost in the Wills: Turning Your Passion into Action”, is Lejeune’s first experience as a published author and contains sermons he rewrote in a reading format as opposed to a spoken format.

“It’s a book about the lost art of intentionality,” Lejeune said. “In the woods you find lions and bears. The reason you barely get there is because you’re lying to yourself….lost in wills, so that’s the thinking behind the book.

Lejeune used his wordplay, his wit and his wisdom to deliver biblical concepts to transform being into action and to show readers how to identify what is holding them back, discover how to change their inertia into action, how to deal effectively with setbacks and how to overcome personal problems. tragedies that have set them back long enough.

Lejeune, who has preached for 39 years, said he has seen first-hand people struggle to find the motivation to get started, keep going and avoid distractions in life. People spend too much time focusing on unimportant matters, he said.

“It’s all about the theme of being intentional and getting a person out of a rut in life, whether it’s depression, in their marriage, or on a career path,” he said. “It helps them get out of procrastination by discovering the lost art of intentionality.”

Lejeune also hopes the book will encourage, inspire and entertain those who read it to live their lives with purpose.

“The book is full of rhymes and puns and things that stick with you,” he said. “There is a hook for you to remember. When I speak, I want people to remember what I said. It frustrates me when I say something they can’t remember. I want them to remember what I said.

The introduction to the book is a theme he used when speaking to restaurant technicians at “lunch lady” conferences across the state.

“I got my speech from a packet of David sunflower seeds,” he said. “On the packet of sunflower seeds is the key to success in life, ministry and marriage. On each packet of David sunflower seeds is written ‘Eat’. Spit. Be happy.’ All of life is about knowing what to eat and what to spit. You eat the seed. You spit out the shell. So how do you know what to eat? If it matters, I matter.

Another chapter encourages readers to fulfill their calling in life by avoiding what he calls the curse of permanent potential.

“Possing potential is the index of impotence.” he said. “It means that there is latent power within you that is untapped or unused. Powerlessness is simply possessing potential and not doing anything with it.

Lejeune said his own life is proof that being lost in “wills” is never a permanent condition.

“The Lord has given me the gift of sharing the gospel,” he said. “I take great pleasure whenever he gives me little principles like this that are clever, hooked, rhymed, or distinctly define a biblical principle.”

The book was endorsed by New York Times best-selling author and pastor Jentezen Franklin, who wrote: “If you feel intimidated, frustrated, and stuck where you are, this book is your road map to getting out of ‘Woulds’ and into your purpose for living.”

Lejeune, who admits he was a bit of a procrastinator himself, decided to write the book after decades of finding excuses not to write it.

“Probably nine years ago my pastor student was taunting me and telling me I needed to write,” he said. “Most of the time I travel to preach people tell me, ‘you have to write a book,’ so I felt the weight of writing for many decades and put it off.”

He plans to write future books about marriage and grief.

The book is currently available in hardcover on or Amazon in paperback or eBook format.

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