Cecil County Government: Triumph Industrial Park to Connect to County Sewers, Benefiting the Environment


Triumph Industrial Park to Connect to County Sewers and Benefit the Environment

Elkton, MD: Cecil County Manager Danielle Hornberger is pleased to announce that the county has reached an agreement to connect Triumph Industrial Park to the county sewers at no cost to taxpayers. The connection to the county sewer will allow the wastewater from Triumph Industrial Park to be treated to a higher degree than its current treatment plant, which will help improve the water quality of the Bay of Watershed. Chesapeake.

The county received grants from the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Bay Restoration Fund, to cover about 65% of the cost of the project. Customers of the Triumph Industrial Park sewers will pay the remaining cost over a thirty-year period.

“I am delighted that we have made an agreement with Triumph Industrial Park to hook them up to the county sewers,” said Danielle Hornberger, county manager. “This will produce significant environmental benefits, and I thank the Maryland Department of the Environment for providing the grant that will make it all possible. This is yet another example of how successful partnerships can benefit the residents of Cecil County and our environment. “

Under the agreement, the county will construct a sewage pumping station to connect the park to the county’s main sewer on Highway 40. From there, the wastewater will flow to the water treatment plant. wastewater from Northeast River Advanced in the county for processing.

“The state-of-the-art Northeast River Wastewater Treatment Plant is a state-of-the-art enhanced nutrient removal plant, which will treat wastewater from Triumph Industrial Park to a much higher standard than the plant. current Triumph. This means there will be much less nutrient being dumped into the Chesapeake Bay watershed, ”noted Scott Flanigan, county public works manager.

The agreement provides for the county to acquire the Triumph Industrial Park sewer collection system and, once the county sewer connection is made, the tenants of the Triumph Industrial Park to become customers of the County Sewerage. The county will also decommission the park’s wastewater treatment plant and wastewater lagoon. The total cost of the project, including the decommissioning of existing wastewater treatment facilities, is estimated at $ 3.6 million.

The design of the county sewer connection is underway, construction is expected to begin in fall 2022 and be completed in late spring 2023. The wastewater treatment plant and the park’s wastewater lagoon industrial Triumph are expected to be decommissioned by the end of 2023.

The project is managed by the Engineering and Construction Division of the County of Cecil Department of Public Works.

For media inquiries, please contact Kevin Alkinburg at [email protected] or 410-996-8454.


This press release was produced by Cecil County Government. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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