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Some of the most promising programs of many of the public high schools in our area are their vocational and technical training offerings. Students interested in certain fields of study – architecture or robotics, for example – can be introduced to their future profession early, while others looking to enter the job market after high school can learn and develop specific, in-demand skills such as welding so they have real-world experience when looking for that first job.

On Tuesday, Wheeling Park High School sent 28 of its top vocational and technical students to Triadelphia Middle School to showcase the best that Park has to offer. Students representing programs ranging from welding to agriculture to hospitality and tourism shared their classroom experiences with high school students.

The visit coincided with the designation of February as Technological Education in the Workplace Month.

Wheeling Park offers 20 CTE programs at school. Vice-Principal Stephanie Bugaj, also director of the school’s CTE program, said about 60 percent of all students at the park take at least one course during their time in high school.

“We offer so many things for so many people,” she said. “It’s a wide range from workshops with high walls – which represent the highest level of safety, such as welding and machine tool – to soft skills, such as personal well-being and physical training and broadcasting.”

These programs are an ideal way for students to explore their passions while still in high school. It is important to maintain these programs and keep them fluid as the needs and skills of the workforce change.

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