Caernarfon Group aims to overcome Covid ‘nervousness’ and restore people’s confidence

The Battle of Twthill took place during Owain Glyndŵr’s rebellion in 1401, but a very different battle is now taking place at the site of the historic clash.

The Twthill Community group aims to tackle loneliness at the heart of the community with the aim of bringing “positive change” to the area.

In order to accomplish this task, they organize community events, litter pick-ups and other opportunities to help people.

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Twthill is part of Caernarfon, but has been independent since it was separated from the rest of the town when the Inner Relief Road was built in the 1970s.

The community remains united and the group was formed last year, in a particularly difficult period following the Covid which pushed them to truly appropriate the collective spirit of confinement.

The slate sign was at the entrance to Twthill.

Since its inception, the group has held monthly trash selections, a Christmas celebration and a St. David’s Day contest, with its latest project being to combat loneliness in the area.

Having started on February 23, the group plans to hold regular events to encourage older residents of Twthill to return to social occasions.

Osian Owen, one of the volunteers who helps run the group, said: “There’s a lot of nervousness and reluctance for these kinds of events, even with the covid calm.

“The high death rates for this age group over the past two years have made it difficult for them to regain the confidence to come out again.

“Twthill is a very diverse community in terms of age and background. There are lots of young families, elderly retirees and people born and raised here, who have lived here for over 70 years.

“We see our diversity as a strength, and while we think it’s important to host community events that are suitable for young families, it’s important not to forget about our older generation.”

The first event was a success for the group, with a decent turnout of people who came for afternoon tea, with entertainment from a local folk singer.

These events will also give people a chance to talk about their memories of Twthill, with the aim of ensuring those memories are not lost.

Grants from Gwynedd Council have helped fund events in the area.

A council spokesperson said: “Gwynedd Council has made small grants available to community groups in Gwynedd to organize social events for the older generation.

“The grant aims not only to combat loneliness, but also to provide an opportunity to hear the voices of older people.

“It is hoped that this will allow some to slowly return to their pre-Covid social life and increase their confidence to be able to go back. We are proud that Grŵp Cymunedol Twthill is one of these groups.

Events are RSVP only and places are limited. If you would like to attend, please email Grŵp Cymunedol Twthill at [email protected]

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