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ANAHEIM – AJ Ramos, a former closest to the all-star and 377-game major league veteran, thought he would be with the Angels at the start of this season.

As the weeks went by and he continued to pitch for the Triple-A Salt Lake, he finally adjusted his expectations.

“When you don’t get something done within the time frame that you think it should be done, you can kind of mess up your mental state a bit,” Ramos said. “I had to adjust that and work from there, then try to get up here as fast as possible whenever I had the chance.”

It wasn’t until Thursday, just days after his 35th birthday, that Ramos finally had the long-awaited chance to return to the majors.

“Dude, that feels good,” he said. “Everyone is working to reach this level. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here or if you’ve never been there, you always try to get up, so it feels good to do that.

Ramos had thrived as a reliever with the Miami Marlins, capped off with a 40-save season in which he made the All-Star team in 2016. The following year he was traded to the New Mets. York.

And in 2018, he underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum. Shoulder surgeries are much riskier than elbow surgeries, so any time a pitcher has shoulder surgery their career is in jeopardy.

Ramos missed the entire 2019 season and he only pitched three games with the Colorado Rockies in 2020.

That’s why he still hadn’t signed until the Angels signed him to a minor-league contract in spring training. Ramos said one of the reasons he hadn’t signed earlier was because the teams were unsure if he could last the entire season with his surgically repaired shoulder.

Once Ramos got over the disappointment of not being called up by the Angels, he set himself a goal of just going through the entire season to prove himself for next year.

Ramos did, pitching 53 innings in 55 games for Salt Lake. He struck out 76 sticks and walked 26. He had a 5.26 ERA, which was better than the 5.82 ERA for the entire Triple-A West (formerly known as the Pacific Coast League). .

“I can’t wait to see him play,” said manager Joe Maddon. “He was really good when I saw him in Miami. Both times – I was in Tampa Bay, and even with the Cubs – I saw him, and he pitched a lot. He threw in tight situations. And he’s always been very good. So I’m curious.


Jaime Barria, who starts for the Angels on Saturday, allowed 11 earned runs in his first 10 innings when he started. In all other heats as a starter he has a 2.56 ERA.

Maddon said he has encountered pitchers with this issue before and it is difficult to find an external solution.

“You try a few different things, and it never seems to really matter,” Maddon said. “A different bullpen (routine). Get some batters standing in there. Talk about who comes in the first run. Go out earlier and throw in more. All the different things that you think about make logical sense, in order to improve in this area and it really depends on the player. They just have to do something different internally to get through that first run. And then once he does, and he knows he can, I think it’s going to continue.


The Angels put right-hander Kyle Tyler on the injured list with right toe strain, possibly ending his season. Tyler, who started the year in Double-A, allowed four earned runs in 12-1 / 3 innings in five games. …

Jhonathan Diaz has been recalled to take Tyler’s place. Diaz was chosen after making his major league debut last Friday. …

The infield at Angel Stadium was covered by the tarp due to rare watering during batting practice. The tarp was removed approximately 90 minutes before the first scheduled pitch.


Angels (RHP Jaime Barria, 2-4, 4.77 ERA) vs. Mariners (LHP Tyler Anderson, 2-1, 3.38), Saturday, 6:07 p.m., Bally Sports West, 8:30 a.m.

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