5 Female WWE Wrestlers Who Will Benefit From Triple H In Charge Of Creating WWE (And 5 Who Could Suffer)

With Vince McMahon apparently gone and Triple H reigniting the creativity, pro wrestling and WWE fans have renewed faith and optimism that a once great product that suffered for years will see better days. Those positive vibes aren’t out of place if Triple H’s work in NXT is to be believed.

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One group keenly interested in procedurals is the women’s division, which has reportedly been neglected and run down by Vince & Co. However, with The Game now handling procedurals, many changes will be coming for the company’s female performers, which will is good news. for some and bad for others.


ten Will Benefit – Shotzi

The former NXT resident madwoman had some downtime on the main roster, symptomatic of all the women not currently in the main event picture. However, there is no denying his talents and potential, thanks to Shotzi’s unique moves and appearance.

More importantly, Triple H was apparently a fan during their time together in the black and gold brand. Fans of the tank lover will be excited to see what’s in store for her for the rest of 2022.

9 Will not benefit – Aliyah

Aliyah joined WWE in 2015 and has endured a lot within the company. This indeed shows the confidence that management has had in her over the past seven years.

However, while talented, she did not show the level required to be a main NXT or main roster player. Granted, her time in the latter has been up and down, but if her time under Triple H in NXT is anything, she can expect limited TV time in a crowded roster.

8 Will Benefit – Raquel Rodriguez

A massive player in NXT’s final days under Triple H, Raquel Rodriguez showed she could hang on to the best despite being relatively new to the business. The fact that she was a dominant champion under The Game in NXT bodes well for her.

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His size, appearance, movements and charisma are sure to be put to good use under the new regime. So fans should expect good things for the La Feria, Texas native in the years, if not months, to come.

seven Won’t Benefit – Dana Brooke

A hard worker who has given it her all and shown marked improvements since her main roster debut in 2016, many believe Dana Brooke deserves a shot in the spotlight. Her current role as the female head of the 24/7 division obviously didn’t sit well with many.

However, with so many talented artists on a stacked roster, things don’t look too bright for the former bodybuilder. She can occasionally flirt with the main event stage and perhaps enjoy some tag team success, but an extended singles push or title run seems unlikely.

6 Will Benefit – Shayna Baszler

Once the last boss of the NXT Women’s Division and perhaps its most dominant champion ever, Shayna Baszler has had her aura stripped beyond recognition on the main roster. No amount of tag team title wins can change that.

However, Triple H’s appearance on Creative may save her. Under him, she’s used her legitimacy from her MMA days to become a strong titleholder, so don’t be surprised if she soars through the ranks in the weeks to come.

5 Won’t Benefit – Mandy Rose

With NXT rebranding to a more adult-oriented show following TV ratings losses to AEW, there were bound to be changes, especially as Vince McMahon and Bruce Pritchard took over from Triple H. .

This saw Mandy Rose move up to the third mark and win the NXT Women’s Championship, her first-ever industry title. It was obvious that his appearance was as important as his work in the ring behind the victory, but with Hunter back on board, the focus could shift to wrestling, which means his reign and his place at the top of the card could be in danger.

4 Will Benefit – Sonya Deville

A talented performer who has shown time and time again that she can play multiple roles with aplomb, Sonya Deville has long awaited a run at or near the top of the mountain. Her heel work has shown audiences that she has what it takes to be the right way.

Now that she’s also back in wrestling, the former MMA fighter should expect some success under Triple H. Maybe something alongside Ronda Rousey or Shayna Baszler could be a good start.

3 Won’t Benefit – Xia Li

The very first Chinese woman to compete in a WWE ring hasn’t had it easy, whether in NXT or the main roster. It didn’t help that Creativity treated Xia Li like a drawing board full of terrible, sometimes offensive ideas.

Despite Triple H coming into the fold, it doesn’t look like things will get much better for her. She may taste success in the midcard, but nothing more will come as a surprise.

2 Will Benefit – Rhea Ripley

Another former NXT Champion who suffered from inconsistent bookings, towering Rhea Ripley should have been given the Bianca Belair treatment a long time ago. Talented, unique and charismatic, her NXT Women’s Championship loss to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 36 was always going to be difficult to recover from, and it has been so far.

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However, under Triple H, the Aussie can hope to finally flourish. A start would be to make it and Judgment Day relevant and come across as legitimately dangerous.

1 Won’t benefit – Nikki ASH

It didn’t go over well for the former Nikki Cross after her gimmick change to almost superhero. Despite winning the Raw Women’s Championship, it never seemed like management was really behind her.

Things may stay the same under Hunter for the Scotsman, who has fallen so far she is now working with more high-profile stars and mired in the 24/7 title picture. Perhaps refreshing her character and personality could pay dividends, but with plenty of talented peers waiting, things look shaky for Nikki.

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